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Dayz Standalone server 50 man

Welcome to the Misfits clan website. We here at Misfits pride ourselves in providing a competitive, fun, and family enviroment to all of our members. 

Misfits was designed in mind to provide a competitive, friendly, and fun atmosphere for all types of players. Big clans are often hectic, disconnected, and often unforgiving when problems arise, but with an excellent team, and great structure we rise above the other clans. - MrMike


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13 hours ago Bad_TV_BadTrial
I cannot participate in the events because they are at 2am in the morning in my time. It a little bit early/late for me. I hope there is no problem with that. If I could I really want to be there but not at 2am.
Sorry for that
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4 hours ago SARGbonker just joined our community, welcome!
6 hours ago TenidasTrial
8 hours ago FloridaOJTrial
Thanks for having me here... Looking forward to whoopin ass with everyone
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8 hours ago FloridaOJTrial just joined our community, welcome!
9 hours ago Jeff_Spade just joined our community, welcome!
11 hours ago [Mf] JackSergeant commented on the event Clan Event Night (MONDAY, WED, AND FRIDAY)
Working at 10pm. Won't be attending as I feel like after setup I only get 30m of...
13 hours ago KingsBane just joined our community, welcome!
15 hours ago Jevon
17 hours ago SinTrial is attending the event Clan Event Night (MONDAY, WED, AND FRIDAY)

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